Theme- Choices

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The first quarter highlights the most fundamental economic theme: CHOICES. In its simplest form, economics is the study of choices. In economics, choice often refers to the allocation of money, time and/or other resources. But choice also speaks to the importance of values, work ethic and personal development. Because “we all make choices” (KEP #1) and “all choices have consequences” (KEP #3), economics provides a foundation for the life skills needed to succeed in the 21st century labor market, including time management, goal setting, career planning, responsibility and integrity. When combined, these life skills foster a readiness to learn and achieve by relying first and foremost on the choices we make.

Infusionomics – Skills for the 21st Century Marketplace™:

1.   Personal Management

a. Time Management

2.  Professional Development

a. Career Planning

3.  Ethics

4.  Integrity

5. Responsibility and Accountability

6. (Optional Higher Level) Strategic Planning

Partnership for 21st Century Skills™ Framework – Student Outcomes

  • Life and Career Skills
    • Initiative and Self-Direction
    • Social and Cross-Cultural Skills
    • Leadership and Responsibility
    • Productivity and Accountability

NCSEE Standards (National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education™)

  • B – Entrepreneurial Traits/Behaviors – Understands the personal traits/behaviors associated with successful entrepreneurial performance
  • H – Professional Development – Understands concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development and growth
  • O – Strategic Management – Understands the processes, strategies and systems needed to guide the overall business organization