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Four Overall Themes / Nine Keystone Economic Principles™

Unlimited Opportunities to Integrate Across Your Curricula

The monthly Keystone Economic Principles™ have been reorganized into four overall themes.  Each overall theme is comprised of at least one foundational Keystone Economic Principle™. Additional complimentary concepts are identified (part of the monthly Keystone Economic Principles™), which may be more abstract or require a higher level of understanding.  Finally, each theme includes a collection of “big transferable concepts” which will easily match with existing curricula.  These concepts include traditional economic concepts, as well as important characteristics, issues and values that we believe will help your students understand and apply the themes and principles even more effectively across their lives.

With four main themes, you may choose to focus on one per quarter.  However, the ultimate goal is to become intimately familiar with the themes, principles and concepts and then integrate and incorporate these economic themes wherever it makes sense.  The first quarter theme of Choices is so integral to economic thinking that we do suggest you begin the year with this theme.

Theme: Choices

Theme: Costs

Theme: Resources

Theme: Incentives (Motivation)

Tools to Help Integrate:

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