Theme- Resources

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The third quarter’s theme is RESOURCES. In its most basic form, resources are the factors of production, including land, labor and capital, as well as entrepreneurship and technology. Resources are a critical component of economics because they illustrate the way in which we choose to use the endowments of our economic systems (KEP #4) and utilize our skills and intellect in order to create economic opportunity. Consequently, the topics of this quarter act as an investment in human capital, helping students learn to think creatively, work cooperatively and develop job-seeking and digital skills. Through education, today’s students discover “what they do best” (KEP #6), enhance their “living standards” (KEP #8) and become tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs.

Infusionomics- Skills for the 21st Century Marketplace™:

13. Professional Development

14. Creativity and Innovation (Source:

15. Digital Skills
16. Communication Skills

17. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

a.  Staff Communications

b.  Teamwork

c.  Networking

d.  Dealing with Conflict

18. (Optional Higher Level): Information Management
19. (Optional Higher Level): Human Resource Management

Partnership for 21st Century Skills™ Framework – Student Outcomes

Learning and Innovative Skills

  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Creativity and Innovation (See also: COSTS)
    • Think Creatively
    • Work Creatively with Others
    • Implement Innovations (See also: INCENTIVES)
  • Information, Media and Technology Skills
    • Information Literacy
    • Media Literacy
    • ICT (Information, Communications and Technology) Literacy

NCSEE Standards (National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education)

  • D – Communications and Interpersonal Skills – Understands concepts, strategies and systems needed to interact effectively with others
  • E – Digital Skills – Understands concepts and procedures needed for basic computer operations
  • H – Professional Development – Understands the concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development and growth
  • J – Human Resources Management