Year Three Lessons

Skills for the 21st Century Marketplace™

The Skills for the 21st Century Marketplace™ have been integrated into the four overall themes of Choices, Costs, Resources and Incentives.  Each theme contains 1) an introductory narrative, 2) references to the corresponding Keystone Economic Principles™, Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework™, and National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education™ and 3) the Skills for the 21st Century Marketplace™ outline.  There are links to specific lessons/activities according to their corresponding content.  The outline includes an optional higher level section which may require a higher level of understanding and skill.

With four main themes, you may choose to focus on one per quarter.  However, the ultimate goal is to become intimately familiar with the themes, concepts and skills and then integrate and incorporate themes wherever it makes sense across the curriculum.  Again, the first quarter theme of Choices is so integral to economic thinking that we do suggest you begin the year with this theme.

Theme One- Choices

Theme Two- Costs

Theme Three- Resources

Theme Four- Incentives

Implementation Binders