Special Projects List

Where Do Ideas Come From?

By melding economic concepts and the core proficiencies, special projects help students integrate this understanding into their “outside” life in a long-term way. They begin to realize the relevance of their learning and to start the process of ownership of the material.

Art Auction

The primary purpose of this project was to expand students’ artistic skills and their appreciation of different artistic styles. Combining this with an economic approach brought a new level of enthusiasm and practicality to the project.

Blue Skies Book Sale

Our school has an ongoing commitment to infuse economic concepts into our curriculum across the board, K-12. This year our school is also putting an emphasis on writing proficiencies. I therefore decided to somehow use a writing project as my vehicle for infusing economic concepts.

Between the Raindrops (video)

This video features 1st graders promoting a book they wrote about Life’s Little Lessons. The proceeds from the book are going to their class, their school, and a charitable cause.

Cookie Sale

To teach 4th and 5th graders that profit in a business can be of service to a community.

Harambee Imports

As we planned this project, we had two objectives in mind. We wanted to develop an income-earning student business that could earn enough to support our school economy. We also wanted to train the students to run all aspects of the business.

A Jr. High Solution to Improving Acoustics

This project was developed around a true concern our school had about the acoustics of an all purpose area that was used on a daily basis for lunch/gym. Once a week it became the chapel and several times during the year it was used for parent meetings, plays, etc. The sound echoed off the outer walls and a partial dividing wall separating the room in half. This caused significant sound distortion and made it difficult to hear well in many areas.

Kindergarten Activities

Very young children learn best by doing. I wanted to provide a learning experience for the students in which the entire class could participate to develop their understanding of economic principles. I also wanted them to gain an appreciation of how their actions could be beneficial to the larger community.

Plant Sale

Our plant sale project grew out of my musing about my first grade students’ natural interest in plants and science along with doing a project that aligned with our curriculum.

Selling T-Shirts with Peddler’s License

To provide an engaging, hands-on activity that would teach economic concepts to high school senior class students.

Small Classroom Project

To develop a short-term, easy-to-implement economics project that would be low-cost in terms of time and money.

Special Projects Candy-gram

To foster entrepreneurial skills among our students.

Zipper Buddies

By combining art classes with economic study, we will enhance students’ understanding of, and enthusiasm for, both fields.