Executive Cleaning Services

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Entrenuity partnered with Big Kids Club in June 2003 to train middle and high school students in business and entrepreneurship. As a result of this training, students decided to start the BKC Cleaning Crew. In May 2004 BKC Cleaning Crew signed their first contract with Kids Club to clean a 7,000 square foot facility at 419 W. Oak Street. Because these young entrepreneurs understand the importance of providing good service, they were able to advance to a $20,000 contract to
clean a 30,000 square foot facility.

“I am proud that we have grown as a business,” says the CEO of BKC Cleaning Crew Travis Smith. Due to the growth of the business, the teen entrepreneurs interviewed, hired, and trained additional three employees.

Like any business, BKC Cleaning Crew has encountered some challenges. One challenge that the students are facing is how to incorporate a business when the owners are all minors. The students currently have contracts internally with BKC Kids Club and they hope to conduct business with student owners of the BKC Cleaning Crew together at Christmas time.
outside organizations.

This semester Entrenuity taught the students about business checking accounts, securing a tax id number, creating an investment club, and various ways of incorporating their business. The students are applying what they have learned and have great influence. People are noticing the BKC Cleaning Crew in the community. The students are setting a precedent that is leaving a legacy on the Cabrini Green Community.


BKC Cleaning Crew moved away from Kids Club and became its own for-profit entity under its new name Executive Cleaning Services. Entrenuity also began working with Entrenuity Explorers, a program for students who have completed the first phase of the curriculum, but have yet to chose a business focus.



Travis Smith is an inspiration to many in the Chicago area. You may have seen his story on Channel 5 News or his picture on one of the Chicago Transit Authority’s many buses. He was selected for an internship this summer at Merrill Lynch through the Chicago Business Institute and is the first Entrenuity student to become of legal age to register his business. As CEO of Executive Cleaning Services, he has helped the partner ship negotiate a $20,000 contract to continue cleaning services at Kids Club in 2005-2006, up from $15,000 last year.
“This year they organized themselves completely,” according to Entrenuity’s Brian Jenkins. The students set their own schedules and arranged for cleaning on both weekends and weekdays during the school year.

At the time of this writing, Executive Cleaning Services was in negotiations with the Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic for future services.
All of the partners are current or former residents of the Cabrini Green Housing Projects in Chicago and have been trained by Entrenuity for at least two years. Entrenuity serves Executive Cleaning Services in a consulting role at this time. To arrange for an estimate from Executive Cleaning Services, please call 312-320-1748.