Guidelines for Using De-Mystifying Economics Training Videos

The video series, Demystifying Economics, and accompanying Discussion Guides were created to equip school administrators, faculty and staff with an education in basic economics which they can then impart to their students. The series consists of two main sections: micro- and macroeconomics. It is strongly suggested that microeconomics section be completed before the beginning of the school year. The macroeconomics section can be viewed throughout the rest of the year. Use of the videos for faculty and staff training is simple and straightforward.

Prior to the beginning of the school year:

  • Administrator and lead teachers view the series and complete the Discussion Questions that accompany each video segment. During Section 9 (Supply and Demand), the viewer should actively participate by drawing the intersection of the supply and demand curve as Professor Swanson discusses them. An Equilibrium Graphs handout is provided.
  • Lead teacher prepares a schedule for teacher and staff training.
    • Keep in mind that this will require several hours and should be broken up into reasonable chunks to allow for adequate discussion and assimilation of new information.
    • Each section is broken up into smaller segments of approximately 20 to 40 minutes covering a particular aspect of economics.

During in-service period:

  • Implement the training schedule using Demystifying Economics videos and Discussion Guides. Again, all viewers should use the Equilibrium Graphs handout for Section 9, Supply and Demand to ensure active participation.
  • Have lead teacher available to answer questions or concerns that may arise.

Throughout school year:

  • Make training videos available to teachers for review as needed.
  • Implement plan for covering the macroeconomics section of the training.

Ongoing year-to-year:

  • Provide full training for new teachers and staff.
  • Provide review and refresher training for returning teachers and staff.