K-2 Lessons

Infusionomics: Year Two

Note to Teachers: Mandatory lessons for each grade level, in their suggested sequence, are listed first, followed by suggested optional lessons and games.


1. Penny Budgeting Part 1: Students will be given pictures of items and must determine whether each item is a need or a want and place it in the appropriate column on a “Needs and Wants” chart.

2. Penny Budgeting Part II: Students will work together using pennies and a list of expenses to create a pretend budget.

Optional Lessons & Games For Grades K-2

Little Nino’s Pizzeria The key concepts in this lesson are entrepreneurship and the relationship between consumers and producers. It centers on a story of a young entrepreneur and his father who make decisions about starting and developing a pizzeria restaurant. The story contains identifiable examples of consumers and producers, and the lesson includes fun activities to emphasize those concepts. This lesson does not require computers or the Internet.

A Chair for My Mother This lesson is based on a story about a girl who sacrificially saves money to buy her mother a comfortable chair after their possessions are destroyed in a fire. It teaches the economic concepts of delayed gratification, income, opportunity cost, and marginal thinking, while also reinforcing the character-developing value of giving. This lesson does not require computers or Internet.