Hand of Fate Game

Target Age Group: Grades 9-12

Materials Needed:

Note: You can organize the game in different ways, depending on the size and ability of your kids. This game would work as a large classroom game or as played by smaller groups

Game Setup:

  1. Print and gather all the Profiles and assemble them according to the directions. Once they are assembled, put them in a stack face-up. Put a blank sheet of paper at the top of this stack.
  2. Print out enough Insurance Description Sheets for each player and distribute one to each player.
  3. Print out the Insurance Cards for each player. Cut out the cards and distribute them. Each player should have each of the seven cards in front of them.
  4. Use a piece of paper to make a score sheet. List the names of all the players and leave room for tally marks.
  5. Print out the Bonus Cards and make 2 piles: one for the Life Event Cards, and the other for the Grab Cards.

(Optional) Preview Insurance Description Cards: Have the instructor discuss the Insurance Description Sheet with the class, having the students read insurance type. Answer questions, etc. until you feel that the students understand each product. Depending on the ability of the students, you may want to remove these cards so they cannot refer to them throughout the game.

Play the Game:

  1. To begin the first round, slide the blank paper down the top profile to reveal the person’s name and basic information on the top. (The blank sheet should hide the other information on the bottom half of the profile.)
  2. Have one player read aloud the information from the first profile. Then, from the set of insurance cards each player is holding, they should select four cards representing insurance options most appropriate for the person profiled. Each player should make sure these cards are separated from their other cards. These are the four cards you will use for this round as the life events are displayed for this profile. (Players should keep their cards hidden from one another.)
  3. Once each player has chosen their four insurance cards, now remove the blank sheet of paper and display all the life events on the profile. Beginning with the first life event, have ALL the players choose which of their four insurance cards is most appropriate for that event and put it face-down in front of them.
  4. Once everyone has put their insurance card in front of them, lift the flap on that life event on the profile to reveal the appropriate type of insurance. Players get one point for correctly guessing the insurance for each life event. Mark this on the score sheet. Go through all the life events on the profile and keep track of who guesses the correct insurance by giving them a tally mark on the score sheet. Note: Players may only use the four cards they chose during this round and may NOT exchange them for others.
  5. Once you have gone through all the life events on the first profile, it’s time to play the bonus round. Shuffle the bonus cards and pass one out to each player face-down so that they can not see them. Lay out the Grab cards face-up in the middle of the table. As soon as one of the players counts to three, all the players look at their bonus cards and try to grab a Grab card with the appropriate insurance for the event on their bonus card. Players can only grab one card – they cannot grab two at a time, nor can they grab one, put it back and grab another one. Players that grab the wrong card lose a point; if they grab the right card, they win a point; and if they grab no card, there is neither a gain nor loss. To check the answers, see the “Bonus Cards Key” on the Bonus Cards sheet.
  6. Begin the second round with a new profile, and repeat steps 1-5. Once you have gone through all the profiles, tally the score, and the person with the highest score wins.