Infusionomimcs Teacher Driven Infusion Guide

There are opportunities to use economic principles and concepts to enhance learning in all content areas as well as to improve study skills, classroom management, and overall discipline. The following guide is designed to help you as a teacher consider how you can infuse any or all of these areas with an economic way of thinking.

Consider an economic principle or concept and decide how you can integrate it into something you are already doing in the classroom. (You can print this page or use either of the two options directly below)

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  1. As I think about my curriculum and my students, I see the economic principle/concept that ________________________________________________ fits in with ________________________________________________________.
  2. I can include this economic principle/concept when I teach_____________________________________________________________.
  3. My goal in this lesson is to help my students understand _________________________________________________________________.
  4. At the end of the lesson, I want my students to be able to _________________________________________________________________.
  5. I will assess their attainment of these goals by _________________________________________________________________.
  6. I will use the following resources in the lesson: