Economis Progress Report

Economis Progress Report – Download DOC

Economis Progress Report – Download PDF


Name:______________________           School: ___________________   Date:________________

Monthly Lead Teacher Report:

1.         Date Economis went live:_______________

2.         Place a check mark next to each feature within Economis that are being utilized.

  • Time Clocks
  • Transactions
  • Card Swiper
  • Paychecks
  • Taxes
  • Shopping Cart/Online Store
  • Savings account
  • Certificate of Deposit – CD’s
  • Credit Card Module
  • Stock Module
  • W-2
  • P.O.S. Store

3.         Estimate how much instructional time was spent on Economis throughout the month?

Circle one:

0-30 min.                    30-60 min.                  1 – 1.5 hours               1.5 – 2 hours               2+ hours

4.         How often did you integrate or refer to Economis in your regular curriculum over the course of the month? Circle one:

0 -1 time                     2-3 times                    4-5 times                    6 times or more

5.         Estimate the time spent in preparation for and management of Economis this month.

Circle one.

30-60 min.                  1-2 hours                    3-4 hours                    5-6 hours        6 or more hours

6.         About how often do students have opportunities during the school day (or week) to go into their Economis accounts?

7.         List the amount and source of monetary donations or in kind donations other than from StreetSchool Network™ that were acquired this month.

8.         List the goals (“desired results”) for Economis and the indicators that were defined prior to implementation.

9.         Update on progress toward the goals/desired results using data from the indicators above.

10.       Using the People Group Report function in Economis, please run a report on all youth, looking at their shopping cart purchases. How many students purchased items from your store this month?

11.       Using the Online Finances Report, select all youth, and run the report. What percentage of the students enrolled in Economis currently have currency in their SAVINGS accounts?

12.       Approximately how many classrooms were impacted as part of Economis this month?

13.       Approximately how many students were impacted as part of Economis this month?

14.       Did you share or collaborate about Economis with anyone else, staff, or other contacts at any point during the month? Explain.

15.       Share a story from this month about the impact you see Economis having in the lives of the students (behavior, choices, attitudes, motivations, etc.).